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Moving to South Salem, Oregon

20 September 2022

Do you plan on moving to South Salem? You should decide where to move before  searching for a future property. The decision of where to live can be influenced by several factors.  These include demographics, surrounding schools, public transit options, recreational activities, local community, and even the local food scene.

Here are several ways you may decide if South Salem, Eugene, is a suitable fit to be your new home.

Population Demographics

About 3,966 people call South Salem home, with 45% men and 55% women, with a typical age of 32. Families with children make up 20% of this neighborhood, followed by single-parent households made up by 38% of women, 19% of men, and 44% of couples. In South Salem, there are 2.21 households per 100 people and 2.83 families per 100 people.

Real Estate

The average asking price for a property in South Salem, Salem, is $434,000. According to Realtor.com, there are 30 active homes in South Salem, Salem, with prices ranging from $75,000 to $1,500,000.


It is not surprising to learn that localities with well-regarded public schools tend to have slightly higher house values, given the ongoing demand for such places. If you have children or plan to have them in the future, research the local schools in the area and their rankings. Nearby elementary schools for young children in South Salem include Candalaria Elementary School and Salem Heights Elementary SchoolCrossler Middle School and Leslie Middle School are two possibilities for middle schools. Finally, older kids can attend Sprague High School or South Salem High School for high school.


Logistics, healthcare, medical professions, management, and restaurant & hospitality are the most common career categories in South Salem Eugene. Additionally, positions are available in the oil industry as well as personal care services.


Having a manageable commute time to their preferred weekend hangout is a genuine joy for some people while being car-dependent is unpleasant for others.

When using public transportation like buses and trains, everyone has to wear masks. Nearly all errands require a vehicle. It’s interesting to learn that South Salem has places to charge electric cars.


You can visit many excellent museums, lovely parks, and other adjacent natural tourist attractions in Salem, in addition to the city’s spectacular State Capitol structure, by taking a short drive from the South Salem area.

The laid-back university town is located alongside the Willamette River and is bordered by enormous tracts of rich farmland. The area is known across the world for its excellent wines. There are a few quaint villages nearby for you to visit in addition to taking tours of its wineries and vineyards. One of its primary attractions is the breathtaking Silver Falls State Park.

Salem and its surroundings provide endless things to do, so the state capital is a terrific place to visit for a day trip or a relaxing weekend just minutes away from South Salem.


You can quench your sweet taste in South Salem with places like Coffee Time Bake ShopA & J King Bakery, and Melt. There are several convenient grocery store alternatives in South Salem, including Shaw’s Supermarkets, Rosario Food Center, and Mass Mini Mart.

If you’re thinking about moving to South Salem, there are many ways for this neighborhood to charm you in deciding if it’s the prime location for you and your family.



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